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A dynamic form of Yoga which incorporates the techniques and shapes of boxing with the tradition and inner calm of yoga. Promoted as a yoga practice for fighters and athletes ,BoxingYoga™ brings benefits for all who wish to develop their core strength, flexibility and muscle tone.


Personal Training

Allow us to devise a realistic and achievable fitness plan which which will you bring you the results you want. Drawing on years of weight,fitness and martial arts training we are qualified to support you with your fitness and weight loss goals.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts training not only provides you with an excellent workout, but equips you with the necessary skills to defend yourself. We provide training in Shallon Kung Fu, an ancient Chinese martial arts which focuses upon external punches and kicks alongside internal chi control.


Nutrition and Wellbeing

Nourishing your body correctly is paramount to achieving optimum energy levels and physical wellbeing. Being aware of the differing food groups and the best ways to incorporate them into you diet can really make a vast difference to your physique and overall health. Why not sign up for a FREE wellbeing evaluation.

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A new dynamic form of yoga fondly referred to as “Yoga for Tough Guys”

Personal Training

Get Fit, Lose Weight, Feel Great with one to one Personal Training.

Martial Arts

Discover the benefits of martial arts and how Kung Fu training can enhance your life.


Let us introduce you to the wonders of the Herbal Life Nutrition system?


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer private sessions?

YES. Private sessions are available upon request

Where can I find a Boxing Yoga Class

Check out our Calender for dates and venues

What Martial Arts training do you offer

We offer the basics of Shaolin Kung Fu

Check out our Class schedules

We offer classes at venues and locations in and around North West London. We also offer one to one sessions at locations of your choice.

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