cliffMeet Cliff Holmes

Founder and Principle Trainer of YogaBoxer


My objective is to share my passion for health and fitness, through coaching and nurturing to improve the lifestyle and well being of others.

Before I discovered BoxingYoga™ I was a keen martial arts enthusiast. However, a hectic lifestyle, lengthy commuting and long and demanding work commitments took its toll until I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.

My plan of action was to find a way to immediately distress myself. I then engaged in the art of Tai-chi, Qigong and Meditation in order to find inner peace and tranquillity.

This led me to discover BoxingYoga™ which transformed my life. Attending classes four times a week for six months improved my flexibility, muscle tone and general wellbeing thus reducing my blood pressure.

A friend of mine encouraged me to start teaching which prompted me to enrol upon a Boxing Yoga Teacher training course. I found throughout the course I was able to develop the skills and confidence to engage with classes whilst creating a safe and supportive environment.

I practiced 5 times a week for 6 months and couldn't believe the transformation physically and mentally. There were so many benefits. My flexibility improved, muscle tone, weight loss and I had clearer skin. Everybody noticed the difference the yoga was making. Then I made the leap. It’s time to spread the love and teach my own classes - I wanted to share and support others in making lifestyle and fitness choices which too could transform their lives.

What we do:

  • Design and implement personalised exercise and diet advice targeting specific conditions and concerns including obesity, arthritis and high cholesterol
  •  Consultation and on going counselling in  fitness, exercise, health and injury management
  • Delivery of classes in
    • ,
    • Meditation
    • Boxing Technique
    • Qi gong
    • Kung Fu
  • Provide weight-lifting, treadmill and other fitness apparatus instruction
  • Ensure the safety of all members and clients
  • Assess clients’ fitness on a monthly basis

If you wish to introduce Boxing Yoga™ or any other service to your locality, drop me a line at info@yogaboxer.com or  simply complete the contact form and I will contact you shortly.