Boxing Yoga


BoxingYoga™ founders, Matt Garcia and Kajza Ekberg set out to create a yoga practice which would help boxers and athletes achieve stretch and flexibility whilst developing their core strength.

As a result, Boxing Yoga was unleashed to the world in 2013 and has been growing from strength to strength.

Using poses and transitions from traditional yoga disciplines, Boxing Yoga incorporates the best of both worlds and allows one to experience yoga from and Athletes and Fighters perspective.

Do You need to be a boxer or athlete to enjoy boxing Yoga.

Certainly NOT. Boxing yoga is for everyone and has been devised so that those who have little physical training are able to complete the poses and transitions comfortably.

Does Boxing Yoga consist of chanting or mantras as in other forms of yoga

There is no chanting, mantras or spiritual philosophy promoted within Boxing Yoga. Boxing Yoga strips away the esoteric and Sanskrit elements of more traditional versions of yoga in order to focus on supporting the physical and athletic aspects of yoga practice.

What results could I expect from Practicing Boxing Yoga

Boxing yoga aims to develop inner core whilst increasing strength, flexibility, agility and balance. In addition participents will find increased body awareness, a more focus and calm approach, incressed mental and intuitive clarity, as well as the inevitable physical bonuses of increased muscle tone and weight reduction.