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At Yoga Boxer we can instruct you in the ancient discipline of Shaolin Kung Fu.


Self defence techniques are explored with emphasis on legs and fist blocks. You will be introduced to the traditional forms and philosophies of this martial art.

The benefits of learning Shalolin Kung Fu are numerous and include learning self defence skills, developing confidence, better coordination, increase in overall fitness and increased stamina and flexibility.

Muscle tone and overall strength benefit greatly from repetitive  strikes and kicks. Perseverance and endurance is also improved bringing about  greater clarity of mind and thought processes.

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Shaolin Kung Fu -Clifford Holmes

Cliff Holmes Trainer

We posess 10 years experience in practicing  Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Quong and will be delighted to pass on our teachings to yourself.

Lessons are offered on a one to one basis  and at locations of your choice.




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