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Meditation is training purely for the mind and is practised by many cultures throughout the world.

When practiced correctly,Meditation can bring about amazing benefits both mentally and physically.

There are many differing approaches to meditation, however, the focus is usually to bring yourself into a place of self awareness. This means we create a space for  you  to witness and then ultimately  control the thoughts and emotions that you experience. Once you have greater awareness of your emotional responses you can find that you are calmer, more objective and may feel more positive to external events in your daily life.

The breath is used as a focal point for many disciplines as oxygen intake increases the levels of energy  or chi which is available to yourself.

Typically, students  will sit cross legged, with their spine straightened and eyes closed . Students will then be guided to observe the breath and regulate the breathing through deep inhalations.

Although it may look straight forward, meditation requires discipline and dedication as our Egos or mninds are so adept at keeping busy and active, initially, you may find some resistance to sitting and being still.

Our ability to meditate successfully increases upon practice and quite quickly you may find real benefits if you include meditation in your regular exercise routine. 20 minutes of meditation daily can truly  make a difference in your life.

Benefits of meditation

  •  Clarity of mind
  • Lessening of negative thoughts
  • Increased energy
  • Greater focus and concentration
  • Increased awareness of self and others
  • Promotion of the bodies self healing mechanisms
  • Normalising blood pressure
  • Support of the immune system
  • Lowering of heart rate
  • Heightening of cognitive processes




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