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As part of your commitment to feeling better, fitter and balanced -  what you put into your body in terms of food and nutrition plays an important part in your overall fitness and performance.


At YogaBoxer we can offer advice and guidance with devising an eating plan which supports your overall fitness and physique. If you are overweight, underweight or just looking to eat in a more nutritionally balanced way we are on hand to support you with expert information and meal plan suggestions.

When looking for nutrition which optimises our body processes we were fortunate to come across the Herbal Life nutrition programme. Created by health scientists, the Herbal Life Nutrition plan,consisting of shakes and other supplements which can help you to achieve the physical body you have always wanted without the confusion and challenges that are associated with complicated diets.

YogaBoxer are officials distributers of Herbal Life products and can offer you a complimentary FREE Wellness Evaluation so you gain a deeper understanding of your body composition and what support you may need to achieve the body, energy and fitness you have always wanted.




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