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If you are looking to increase your overall fitness, personal energy levels, reduce your percentage body fat or just tone up, I am here to help.

I offer specific advice tailored to each individual and differing body types.

After a thorough consultation, together we will identify your fitness goals and arrive at a program to support you in achieving your objectives.

Employing me as your personal trainer will get you

  • Fun and interactive personal training sessions
  • A bespoke training programme that is the most effective and efficient way to reach your goals
  • Ideas of how to incorporate more activity into your daily life with ongoing exercise and nutritional advice
  • Detailed plans for solo sessions
  • In the sessions you can expect:
    • An effective cardio warm up with dynamic stretches
    • Multiple exercise circuits that target all parts of your body
    • A fun and fast paced workout to finish the session
    • A cardio cool down followed by specific muscle stretches


Training Locations

I love training people in outside spaces but am equally at home in small areas with minimal training equipment. I can train you in a local park/garden, living room, office, small flats or wherever you choose!



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