Personal Training

We offer Personal Training tailored to your individual needs. Together we will design a fitness and diet program which will help you get the results you have always wanted. 

Boxing Yoga

Discover BoxingYoga™, a dynamic fusion of boxing shapes and yoga poses. Improve strentgh, flexibility and stretch with this new form of yoga which appeals to both martial artists and yogis alike. 

Martial Arts

Learning personal self defence and keeping fit is a win win when you start practicing Shaolin Kung Fu. We can offer you easy to follow instruction on a one to one basis. Increase confidence, muscle tone and strength with this popular martial art.


Meditating is said to bring about amazing transformations both mentally and emotionally. Many meditators are convinced of the numerous benefits experienced after regular meditation sessions. At YogaBoxer we will help you to  learn and expereience meditation at your own pace. 


Join thousands of people worldwide whom have transformed their nutrition and physical bodies with the aid of the Herbal Life Nutrition program. Book in for a Free Wellness Evaluation and we can support you in optimising your nutritional intake and weight management.

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